X-Men Dark Phoenix (2019) (hindiurdumovies.com)

In 1975, eight-year-vintage Jean gray inadvertently makes use of her telekinesis to motive a automobile accident that kills her dad and mom. shortly afterwards, Professor Charles Xavier takes her to Xavier’s college for presented children, where he mentally blocks the twist of fate from her memories and enables her hone her psychic skills.

In 1992, 9 years after the worldwide devastation resulting from En Sabah Nur, the X-guys respond to a distress signal from the distance go back and forth Endeavour, which is significantly damaged by a solar flare-like power. whilst the X-guys shop all the astronauts, Jean is stranded and ends up soaking up all of the energy into her frame. Jean survives the occasion, and her psychic powers are greatly amplified as a result. on the identical time, the mental block located by means of Xavier is destroyed, and she or he by accident attacks the mutants celebrating at Xavier’s faculty after a mental breakdown, passing out afterward. She later travels to her early life fatherland of purple Hook, ny, after coming across that her father continues to be alive. The X-guys try to take Jean domestic, however she injures Peter Maximoff and by accident kills Raven Darkhölme earlier than flying away.

Jean travels to the mutant refugee island of Genosha to are seeking for assistance from Erik Lehnsherr in controlling her powers, however is turned away via Erik after she engages in fight with U.S. army forces tasked along with her arrest. Jean meets Vuk, the leader of a shape-moving alien race referred to as the D’Bari, who explains to her that she has been possessed by using a force of cosmic electricity which worn out the D’Baris’ domestic planet years ago. The strength had consumed all those it got here throughout, till it encountered Jean. meanwhile, Hank McCoy, who feels betrayed via Xavier’s manipulation of Jean’s reminiscences, allies with Erik and his mutant refugees to convey down Jean in the big apple town.

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