Richard_The Lionheart Rebellion_(2015) (

In a Europe divided among the two first rate powers of england and France, the sons of the English king, Henry the young King, Richard, and Geoffrey, lead a riot against their own father supported of their combat via the old king of France, Louis and particularly by using their French mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine. The eldest of the 3, Henry, at the same time as searching for allies, is compelled to comply the compromises imposed via a land too much divided and with too many lords. but, after the Queen has been captured in an ambush, the struggle is inevitable. Richard leads the insurrection army and, along with his bravery, conquered the maximum of the English territories on French soil, besieging their father the king within the fort of Rouen. however the kings of england and France are tons greater intertwined then it is able to appear at a primary look, in fact their plans had been installed long earlier than the start of the rebellion. The three brothers need to face a route stuffed of traps, betrayal and transferring alliance until the incomplete defeat. however inside the method Richard will examine the actual which means of being a knight and also will meet his promise bride Alys.

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