John Wick Parabellum (2019)(

ten mins after the belief of the previous film, former hitman john wick is now a marked guy and at the run in long island. after the unsanctioned killing of crime lord and new member of the high desk santino d’antonio inside the ny metropolis continental, john is said “excommunicado” by way of his handlers on the excessive table and placed under a $14 million bounty which rises each hour. on the run from assassins, john reaches the big apple public library and recovers a crucifix necklace and a “marker” medallion from a secret cache in a e book. he fights his manner via severa assassins until he reaches the director, a girl from his beyond who used to elevate him. she accepts the crucifix as a “price ticket” for secure passage to casablanca, morocco, and has wick branded to indicate that he has used up his price tag.

meanwhile, an adjudicator with the high desk meets with winston, the supervisor of the the big apple city continental, and the bowery king, the chief of a community of vagrant assassins. the adjudicator admonishes each for helping john kill santino, a new member of the excessive desk, and both are given seven days to give up their places of work or face serious effects. the adjudicator hires 0, a eastern murderer, afterwards to put into effect the need of the high desk. they discover the director while she is looking her ballet college students carry out. the director’s penance for supporting wick by using putting the ticket above the guidelines of the excessive table is through blood, whereby zero used his sword to make a cut through the center of each her hands.

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