aniruddh “anni” pathak has a water fight along with his buddies on the hostel h4. anni also wets raggie, his rival from the h3 hostel.

years later, anni is a divorcé and has a son, raghav. his ex-spouse and raghav’s mother is maya, whom anni had met in university. raghav is under strain, anticipating his engineering exam outcomes.

raghav’s fails to get admission which ends up in him trying to dedicate suicide by using jumping off his buddy’s balcony. he suffers brain hemorrhage and this could damage his mind and other parts. anni chides the subconscious raghav and tells him that he became additionally a failure in his hostel days. the physician comes in and tells him that the swelling is increasing slowly, and that they’ve to get a surgical operation achieved for his or her son to eliminate the swelling. then anni realises of his old buddies within the hostel, his hostel life. he decides to inform his son about the tale of his friends. his spouse thinks that this is the stupidest manner to convey raghav again. however he heeds no demand for his spouse and he begins the story

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