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The possession of Hannah Grace is a 2018 American supernatural horror movie directed with the aid of Diederik Van Rooijen and written by Brian Sieve. It stars Shay Mitchell, Kirby Johnson, Stana Katic, gray Damon and Nick Thune, and follows a former policewoman who encounters the supernatural whilst running in a morgue.[3] The movie turned […]


Starr Carter is a 16-yr-vintage American black female who lives within the fictional, black neighborhood of lawn Heights, but attends a white non-public faculty, Williamson Prep. After a gun is going off at a party Starr is attending with Kenya, her brother’s half of-sister, Starr is pushed domestic through her early life pleasant friend, Khalil. […]


In 1970, “Freddie” Farrokh Bulsara, an Indian-British Parsi is studying art at a college in London even as operating as a baggage handler at Heathrow Airport. At night he regularly is going out with pals to concentrate to tune. One night after a display at a pub, Freddie is going to discover the band, Smile […]


On Cybertron, the Autobot resistance, led with the aid of Optimus top, are at the verge Harry Rawlings (Liam Neeson), a renowned thief, is killed alongside his companions Carlos (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), Florek (Jon Bernthal), and Jimmy (Coburn Goss) all through a botched theft. His widow, Veronica (Viola Davis), is threatened by way of crime boss […]


On Cybertron, the Autobot resistance, led with the aid of Optimus top, are at the verge of losing the civil war with the Decepticons and put together to evacuate the planet. A Decepticon force, led through Soundwave, Shockwave and Starscream, intercept them in the course of the evacuation, and Optimus sends B-127 to Earth on […]


In 1969, Catholic priest Daniel Flynn, singer Darlene candy, salesman Laramie Seymour Sullivan, and the sarcastic Emily Summerspring arrive on the El Royale, wherein they meet the motel’s simplest worker, Miles Miller. Upon checking into the honeymoon suite, Sullivan (in truth an FBI agent named Dwight Broadbeck, despatched to eliminate illegal surveillance gadget of unknown […]


Two sorcerers, Finn and Shernomore, have an {powerful|strong} {marvelous|wonderful| mysterious} duel in favor of saving Finn's wife, Meena. Finn gains the upperhand at first, but is defeated by Shernomore who deceives him by {moving|walking|going} on a "force field", and losing all of his powers and youthfullness, which then transfers to Shernomore and transforms Meena into […]


In Maine, lighthouse keeper {Jones|Betty} Curry rescues Atlanna, the princess of the under the sea nation of Atlantis, {throughout a|within a} storm. They eventually along with love and have a son, Arthur, who is born with the power to communicate with marine lifeforms. Atlanna is forced to abandon her family and return to Atlantis, entrusting […]


Mowgli: Legend of the New world is a 2018 {dream|illusion|imagination} adventure film directed by Andy Serkis with a screenplay by Callie Kloves, based on stories {gathered|accumulated} out of all Mowgli Stories by Rudyard Kipling. The film stars Rohan Chand, Matthew Rhys, and Freida Pinto, along with voice and motion {catch|get|record} performances from Christian Bale, Cate […]