Amavas (2019) (

The tale is set Karan who’s possessed with the aid of the spirit of his pal Sameer, who receives murdered by way of Maya while combating with Karan for her. After that, asdfasdMaya also receives murdered by Sameers spirit inside the body of Karan. So Sameers spirit killed Gotti, Shibani, Ruhi (Mayas sister) and additionally tries to kill Ahana. but Karan saves her through killing himself within the burning grave of Sameer as harm mark changed into there ofasdfn Karans chest given by means of Sameer during his remaining breath which became his (sfasdfdpirit) most effective supply to live to tell the tale inside the frame of Karan. but in the long run scene, plainly there was also same form of damage mark in the hand of Ahana. So the spirit then additionally exists in Ahana with that mark. movie ends there showing a risk for a sasdfasequel.

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